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Fargo Direct to Card ID Card Printers

Direct to Card Id Card printers are incredibly popular. Direct to Card is where the print-head comes in direct contact with the card. This printing type is the most popular today. Mostly because of the cost factor, as they are able to provide photo quality printing economically. Also known as Edge to Edge Printing.

Mac and PC Compatible

The range of Fargo printers really do represent quality manufacturing, the people behind them thought about building their printers to be compatible on all computers not just PC’s.

Fargo High Definition ID Card Printers

High Definition Id Card Printers provide big business and Government the very best in Thermal Printing Technology. They are also known as as “Over the Edge” or “Reverse Transfer” printer.  The print-head of  these printers  print to a transfer film backwards (hence the reverse) and then the printed film is rolled onto the card with intense heat (hence the transfer). Over the edge is because when the printer prints onto the film it has a bleed, so when rolled onto the card it’s completely over the edge leaving no boarder.

They are generally used by financial institutions and large colleges, who need large runs, printing everything from ID cards to drivers licence’s and Government credential cards.

Watch the Fargo printers in action!

Legacy Fargo Direct to Card ID Card Printers

We also carry a small supply of legacy Models. So if your shopping for an id card printer this is your opportunity to purchase a top quality printer for a price. So why delay contact us now.

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